How to Build less than 4000 Dollars House

The construction of a minimalist house at a price under 4000 dollarsis quite questioning, of course everyone will respond to this with a variety of reactions some who believe it, some even consider this impossible, for more details we just discuss how to build a minimalist house with a very limited capital less than 4000 dollars.

The first thing to choose is the design of the house, because our cost is about or less than 4000 dollars then the design chosen should be minimalist, not standard or modern, because the standard and modern will cost much more expensive, then the selection of the type of home, for the type of home is recommended in building House with a less than 4000 dollars, then use a simple type of house they can be type 35 m square to type 40 m square.

The next thing is about building materials, for a house with a capital of 4000 dollars, wehave to be smart in choosing the building materials to be used, look for building materials with cheap price but the quality is suck that will bring us to more damage, also we recommend if you want to buy such as building materials, sand, you can directly buy them on their producer.

How to Build Under 4000 Dollars House

For the following details we will describe the estimated cost of a minimalist home with a capital of less or around 4000 dollars.

  1. Build the foundation of a house by buying stone, cement and sand for a total cost = 250 dollars.
  2. Buy additional land to cover 60 cm, then the volume 10m x 8m x 0.6m = 48m3, and the price of land per m3 = 4.5 dollars, it costs 210 dollars.
  1. Floor construction requires sand, cement and brick with total cost = 300 dollars
  1. Construction of the house wall requires sand, cement and brick with a total cost = 400 dollars
  1. The cost of purchasing window, door and window = 200 dollars.
  1. The cost of building materials for the roof (wooden frame and tile) = 400 dollars
  1. The cost of building materials for bathroom = 250 dollars
  1. Wage of 3 builders for 1 month = 720 dollars
  1. Wages 2 construction workers for 1 month = 300 dollars
  1. Installation of electrical system = 100 dollars

So we can conclude the total cost of building this type 35 house is 1480 dollars. This calculation may vary based on the local experiences.

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