10 Mistakes When You Do It Yourself Home Decor

Knowing some mistakes when you do it yourself home décor usually happened. When you set aside the colors and obsessed with white house in the room your house, whether you are sure we can keep furniture is still white?
Never feel that you have made a mistake in choosing furniture or objects in the house? Still, you are not alone.

The following is a common mistake that often happens when you do it yourself home decor challenges. Don’t be repeated, yes!

1. Follow the Trend

When look magazine or shops, you can see an unnerved object that is so trendy and modern. Even so, when bought it, it turns out that they are not compatible with other furniture in your house.

do it yourself home decor

2. Furniture Good but Are Not Comfortable

Room decor challenges in the house, of course everyone wants a more interesting display interior. However, when you find beautiful furniture, sometimes we forget to function. No matter how good leather sofa, will not make you feel at home sat down to linger long on it.

3. Buy Goods Are Too Big

After buying television with great ultra-dimensional, you just realized that electronic goods was not loaded or spent many places in the room.

4. Disaster DIY

Good do it yourself home décor practice now grow thanks to the Youtube, Tumblr and Pinterest. Most people find tips and tricks to make items from a certain media outlets. However, when you joined phases, if you have created not be performed.

5. Plants That One

With chose trendy furniture, when looking at plants so beautiful, you don’t hesitate brought him back and put it in the corner room. Even so, it is not quite some time, he also died. Indeed, there were some plants that can survive without any light from the sun, but of course, most plants need to light coming from the sun.

6. Doesn’t Try To Paint the Walls

Need to try to paint the walls before applied to all of the houses, cannot be denied. Imagine, if you want to experiment with new colors but it turned out that color is not in accordance with lighting in the room.

7. Buy Goods Because This Cheap

Mistakes by do it yourself home décor most often faced by many people. It was tempted one work has been appreciated by is very cheap, but can be seen well (in its original), you can decide to afford them. Yet, it turned out that as a year and was damaged and need to be repaired. Then if it still can be fixed.

8. Created Everything as a White

You set aside the colors and obsessed with white. This color was indeed impressive things that profit. That is the problem, whether you can keep all room, including sofas and carpets, is still white? By the stuff is still white, especially in the short term for a long time, it was not easy to and need extra business.

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9. A Complicated System

Bill the letters at the ballot box green, bonds at the ballot box, and work clothes in blue drawer top? If the system is in fact a difficult and it is difficult to be remembered, then it is possible that this time you are at peace with the situation. You of course know the system what is the best for you.

10. Art That Become Stale

If you have the desire to buy objects of art, make sure that the purpose you bought it not only to make pretty room, but also because of art was a lot of sense in.

In addition to ten points above, whether you have made a mistake when you do it yourself home décor?

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